Ardlon® Nylon-6 Nanocomposite - NE series

High gloss, low density, easy processing

Widely used in exterior parts of automobile fuel tanks, headlight holders, home appliances, and sports equipment



AAP Ardlon® NE series has the strong advantage of high surface gloss and low density
It can greatly improve the ease of post-processing, and the use of injection molding can also greatly reduce production costs

Our Nylon-6 Nanocomposite has the features of:

  • high heat resistance
  • wear resistance
  • high mechanical properties
  • good impact resistance at low temperature
  • effectively prevent oil and gas from leaking

which makes it an outstanding material for producing automobile fuel tanks, headlight holders, home appliances, and sports equipment.


High-Gloss Nylon That Can Be Plated Without Primer

Nylon-6 Nanocomposite has the physical properties of glass fiber nylon, but has better surface gloss and processing conditions

High Air Tightness

Excellent function of preventing oil and gas from leaking

Cost Reduction

 Electroplatable without coating to save multiple subsequent procedures

Chemical Resistance

Anti-methanol test passed

Easy To Process

Good fluidity allows easy processing

High Weather Resistance

Adaptable to various climates due to the stable molecular structure

Low Moisture Absorption

The moisture absorption rate is 40% lower than that of ordinary grade nylon

High Surface Gloss

Better surface and gloss than Polyamide 

Other Features

High heat resistance, high mechanical properties, high dimensional stability