Impact Modifier - ENZ Ardlon®

Cold-resistant and impact-resistant modifiers for nylon composites

Low density, high elasticity, high transparency



Impact modifier is a key additive in enhancing the toughness and durability of various nylon compound resins. Varying quantities of these impact modifiers can be added based on the intended application of plastics, resulting in a range of impact resistance levels.

The low-temperature impact modifier developed and produced by AAP Ardlon® is a high-quality modified plastic called ENZ. It exhibits excellent characteristics such as low density, high elasticity, and high transparency, making it ideal for modifying various crystalline composite materials.

By adding AAP Ardlon®'s ENZ modifier, the performance of nylon and other crystalline composite materials can be significantly enhanced. Firstly, the low-density nature of the modifier reduces the overall density of the material, resulting in reduced weight while improving elasticity and impact resistance.

Furthermore, the cold-resistant and impact-resistant modifier effectively improves the cold resistance and impact strength of crystalline composite materials. In low-temperature environments, crystalline composite materials tend to become brittle and prone to fractures or cracks. However, adding the ENZ impact modifier increases the material's toughness, effectively reducing the risk of damage at low temperatures. Additionally, ENZ enhances the material's impact resistance, enabling it to withstand external collisions or impact loads.

Moreover, the addition of AAP Ardlon®'s impact modifier can significantly improve the overall surface smoothness of the material. During the manufacturing process of nylon composite materials, surface irregularities or injection defects may occur. However, by incorporating the impact modifier - ENZ, the material's flowability and cooling effect can be improved, resulting in a smoother and defect-free surface. This not only enhances the appearance quality of the product but also contributes to its overall performance.

ENZ, the cold-resistant and impact-resistant modifier, is a high-quality modified plastic suitable for modifying various polymers. By adding the impact modifier - ENZ, both the surface quality and resistance under low temperature as well as impact resistance of nylon composite materials can be effectively improved.


Low-Temperature Impact Modifier for Various Polymers -ENZ

These impact modifiers enhance nylon polymers' toughness, improve processing and increase imapct resistance at low temperature.



High Compatibility

Good compatibility with other polyolefin materials

Impact modification

Effectively improve the impact resistance of composite materials

Other Features

Good weather resistance, heat aging resistance, excellent resilience

Multiple processing methods

Injection, extrusion, molding, blow molding, etc.

The result of PA6 and PA66 + ENZ in various proportions

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The amount of added impact modifiers may vary in the final plastic products.
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