Every Unique Request Can Be Satisfied at AAP with Precisely Customised Solutions

All Around Polymer Corp. is a leading manufacturer and exporter specializing in a wide range of customized nylon compounds for injection molding and extrusion applications. Our focus is on producing high-performance nylon composite materials tailored to meet various industry requirements.


Our Nylon Compound Product Portfolio

Our nylon compound and polymer blends are available in a range of options, including:

  • Impact Modified Nylon
  • High Proportion of Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon (45%-65%)
  • Mineral and Glass Fiber Reinforced nylon
  • High Impact, Glass Reinforced
  • Differential Dye Nylon
  • Nanocomposite Nylon
  • Plasticizer - Impact Modifier
  • Plasticizer - Enhancing the combination of PP and fiberglass


Customized Solutions for Nylon Polymers and Blends

We understand the importance of customized solutions to address specific needs. Our team is dedicated to providing suitable and tailor-made solutions that cater to individual requirements on different applications and industries. While we provide a variety of standard grades, the majority of our compounds are customized to attain optimal quality and cost-effectiveness for specific demands. 


Applications of Our Nylon Polymers, Coplymers and Compounds

With over 30 years of operational expertise, our nylon resins has exhibited great performance in an extensive range of products and have garnered widespread recognition across various industries, including automotives, scooters, bicycles, furnitures, medical equipment, metal replacement components, electronical devices and many more. 


Our Nylon Compounding Capabilities

With expertise in procurement, production improvement, product R&D, quality control, shipping, and exporting, AAP ensures the highest standards across the entire production process. We utilize sophisticated testing equipment and follow standard testing methods to conduct daily quality tests, ensuring our products meet the strictest quality requirements. Our commitment to quality control and data monitoring enables us to consistently deliver products that meet or exceed customer expectations.
Through years of exceptional service, we have gained wide recognition for our customized solutions. We have forged long-term partnerships with clients worldwide, solidifying our position as a trusted provider in the industry. AAP Corp. remains committed to continuous innovation, actively developing functional Nylon compounds that adapt to the evolving needs of the global plastic industry.

Sustainable Solutions

All Around Polymers is committed to extensive collaboration, not only with suppliers and clients but also with a deep consideration for the environment. Our dedicated focus on a sustainable future drives us to offer a diverse range of high-quality, eco-friendly products that surpass client expectations. Emphasizing responsible sourcing and environmentally conscious practices throughout our supply chain and manufacturing processes, we integrate technologies to set new standards for both performance and environmental stewardship. At All Around Polymers, we believe in achieving a harmonious balance between economic prosperity, client satisfaction, and environmental preservation, positioning ourselves as innovators in the pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future. 


Product Catalog:


Impact Modifier

Impact modifier



Improving PP+GF