Ardlon® Metal Replacement Nylon - RA series

Lightweight, Low Moisture Absorption, High rigidity, Lower overall production cost


The RA series comprises low moisture absorption nylon compounds with a high percentage of glass fiber, from 45% to 65%. Widely recognized for its versatility, the RA series serves as an excellent substitute for metal products due to the substantial glass fiber content, offering exceptional strength and rigidity. In comparison to traditional metal materials, the RA series stands out with significantly lighter weight and lower density, all while delivering impressive strength and rigidity.

A notable advantage of our RA series, the metal substitute nylon, is its exceptional wear resistance, robust weather resistance, and, critically, the ability to extend the life cycle of molds.

In terms of processing, our metal replacement nylon polymers contribute to reducing overall production costs. Leveraging the advantages of mass production through injection molding and minimizing subsequent processes, such as grinding, anti-corrosion treatments, deburring, and electroplating, our polymers prove to be cost-effective.

The versatility of metal substitute nylon extends across various industries, including applications in surgical equipment, bicycle accessories, and automotive and motorcycle components. The RA series stands as a reliable and high-performance material choice, providing not only cost savings but also enhanced durability and efficiency in a wide range of manufacturing processes.


Replace Metal Materials with Low-Moisture-Absorbing Nylon, Reinforced with A High Percentage of Glass Fiber 

Metal Replacement

Lightweight, high strength and high rigidity, far superior to general engineering plastic materials

Low Moisture Absorption

The technical properties are almost unchanged after absorption of moisture.

Cost Reduction

Subsequent processing steps such as grinding, anti-corrosion, deburring, and electroplating can be omitted

Excellent Performance

Low moisture absorption, easy to process, high dimensional stability, extremely excellent rigidity, chemical resistance