Have you ever faced a situation where your final products are too brittle to meet the standard? Or have you noticed that the materials you are using lack flexibility and durability but have no idea how to improve them? Does your products crack under pressure or fail to maintain their shape after repeated use? These issues might stem from using inappropriate materials. In this article, we will explore how to choose the correct nylon material to improve durability, softness and flexibility.

Have you ever faced the situation where you don't know how to choose the right materials?
Nylon Impact Modified pellets

Understanding Impact Modified Nylon

Impact-modified nylon is a type of nylon that incorporates additives called impact modifiers. These additives enhance the toughness , softness and durability of the material, making it more capable of withstanding mechanical stress and impact without breaking. This makes impact-modified nylon ideal for applications that require strong and resilient components.


Nylon without impact modification can be brittle and prone.
Nylon with impact modifier can withstand mechanical stress and impact without breaking

Key Benefits for Injection Molding Companies

  • Enhanced Impact Resistance

Impact-modified nylon provides superior impact resistance. Nylon reinforced with additives like glass fiber (GF), mineral fillers (MF) may be stiff but brittle and prone to cracking under stress, especially in low temperatures. Impact modifiers like acid modified POE (Polyolefin Elastomer) or EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) give nylon the flexibility and toughness to absorb and dissipate energy, resulting in components that can handle significant stress without breaking.

  • Improved Flexibility

Impact-modified nylon maintains a balance of rigidity and flexibility, which is essential for many applications. This balance ensures that parts do not break easily during use while retaining the necessary strength for structural applications.

  • Durability in Diverse Environments

Impact-modified nylon is highly durable across various environmental conditions. Whether exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, or chemicals, this material retains its mechanical properties, ensuring long-lasting performance. This durability makes it suitable for automotive, consumer goods, electronics, and other industries where reliability is crucial.

Applications of Impact Modified Nylon in Injection Molding

  • Automotive Components

In the automotive industry, components must withstand harsh conditions and high impact forces. Impact-modified nylon is used in parts such as side mirrors, bumpers, air intake manifolds, and under-the-hood components, providing the necessary strength and durability to meet stringent safety and performance standards.

Nylon impact modified material are frequently applied in automotive industry


  • Consumer Goods

For consumer products that experience frequent handling or accidental drops, impact-modified nylon offers the durability needed to extend product life. Items like power tool housings, sports equipment, and electronic device casings benefit from the enhanced toughness of this material.

Nylon impact modified material are frequently applied in consumer goods


  • Industrial Equipment

Industrial applications often involve heavy-duty usage and exposure to harsh environments. Impact-modified nylon is ideal for gears, bearings, and other machinery components that require a combination of toughness, wear resistance, and long-term durability.

Nylon impact modified material are frequently applied in industrial equipment


Seleting the Right Impact Modified Nylon

  • Type of Impact Modifier

Different impact modifiers offer varying levels of performance. POE-based modifiers provide excellent low-temperature impact resistance, while EPDM-based modifiers offer superior elasticity and weathering resistance. Understanding the specific needs of the application will help guide the selection process.

  • Nylon Grade

Various grades of nylon, such as Nylon 6, Nylon 66, and Nylon 12, can be modified for impact resistance. Each grade has distinct properties, and the choice will depend on factors like mechanical strength, temperature stability, and chemical resistance needed for the final product.

  • Reinforcements and Additives

In addition to pure impact modifiied of nylon, various additives can be incorporated to enhance specific properties according to different requirements:

Material selection can sometimes be complex for injection molding companies. However, by discussing the fundamental requirements, applications, and material properties with compound manufacturers both labor and material costs can be reduced.
The Right Impact Modified Nylon can help better impact resistance in final products


Impact-modified nylon represents a significant advancement for injection molding companies striving to produce durable, flexible, and impact-resistant products. By understanding the benefits and applications of this material, manufacturers can make informed decisions that enhance their product offerings and meet the rigorous demands of today's market.

Partnering for success

At All Around Polymer, we manufacture our own nylon impact modifier ENZ and offer a variety of nylon materials modified with impact modifiers and other additives, such as impact-resistant nylon with glass fiber or mineral fiber. We have long-term partnerships with injection molding companies worldwide, providing tailored development solutions. If your products require impact resistance, please refer to our product catalog or contact us at info@allaroundpolymer.com. We are happy to discuss further with you.