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Grades: Ardlon® NE-8088I & NE-2740M5

Introduction of Nano grade Nylon and the applications:

AAP successfully developed injection molding as well as blow molding grade Nano Nylon
Ardlon® NE-8088I & NE-2740M5, which act the very high efficiency and more advantages compared with traditional engineer plastics or processing working methods.

Ardlon® NE-8088I is a high barrier Nano Nylon 6 composites with excellent barrier function to fuel vapor emission; particularly it acts excellent hi-impact property under low temperature; it also acts durability under high heat environment. It meets properly to the demand of automotive industry application, such as oil tank. By means of Injection molding process, it saves huge cost if compared with traditional method of plastic or metal oil tank.

Ardlon® NE-2740M5 is a filled Nano Nylon engineering plastics. By means of injection molding, a good result of high surface flatness, high heat durability, high impact can be obtained. Moreover, due to its easy to flow during processing and the result of dimension stability, the parts required to be electro plating and under high heat, such as car lamp seat, are the most suitable.

Introduction of Oil Tank:

If considering of gas barrier property, PA6 performs far better than HDPE. But PA6 behaves too higher flow index when in melted status; therefore, it can not be applied by the simplest way, single layer blow molding. AAP successfully developed a material which is Nano Nylon. The Nano Nylon can be treated by injection molding as well as blow molding. Its excellent properties include: Gas Barrier, Hi-impact resistance, Heat resistance, Easy for molding, Uniform thickness and Surface neatness.

Ever since 1950 people endeavored HDPE plastic oil tank. Compared with Metal oil tank, the merits of plastic oil tank are: light weight, shapes variously formed, short production time, low cost, easy to fit for car designs, anti impact, safety and reliable, anti corrosion and non-explosive. While, due to the chemical structure of HDPE is similar with gasoline, the effective content of gasoline is permeability to HDPE structure and loss into air. This is a major defect of HDPE oil tank.

Along with the fast development of automotive industry as well as environmental protection issue, a new technology of plastic material with high permeability barriers is therefore developed. According to the new regulation 2008 USA, the permeability barriers for oil tank is required to reach 1.5g/m2 per day of the fuel vapor emission.

HDPE Application: automotive, motorbike, mower or dune buggy oil tank


1.Cheap cost of plastics
2.Easy to process by blow molding
3.High melted viscosity which can be extruded; then blow up
4.Durable for impact
5.Light weight


1.Low barrier of fuel vapor emission
2.Bad anti-heat

There are ways to improve above disadvantages of HDPE oil tank, they are:

▲Have HDPE oil tank treated by Fluorine (but additional cost is rather high)
▲Co-extrusion for multi-layer blown up (but the processing equipment is also very high cost.)
▲Use of high fuel vapor barrier plastics (also very high cost while, not easy to process of molding.)
▲Use of giant blow molding machine to blow thick wall of tank (but the giant blow molding machine is extremely high cost.)


Nano Nylon Oil Tank:

Ardlon® NE-8088I is successfully developed for oil tank with following advantages:

1.Excellent barrier of fuel vapor emission (single layer Nano Nylon reaches 0.115 g/m2/24hrs)
2.Single layer, recycled material is easy to treat due to single material
3.Simple mechanical processing; use of existed machine and mold without adding cost
4.Suitable for extrusion and injection molding
5.High heat durable for high temperature engine chamber; without deformation
6.Under low temperature -20℃, dropping impact from 3M height resistant and durable
7.Resistance to methanol test

AAP has complete data and record of processing Nano Nylon for oil tank. Contact AAP for further consultant data.

Fuel vapor emission comparisons:

Type or material or treatment Fuel vapor emission quantity(G/M2/24HR)
HDPE oil tank 10 (above)
Co-extrusion plastics 0.9
HDPE with Fluorine treatment 0.5
Single layer Nano Nylon oil tank
Note: 2008 USA new regulation

Within 1.5

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