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▌ Metal Replacement Nylon

Grades: Ardlon® RAG10, RAG12 & RBG10, RBG12

Super strength and stiffness of high percentage glass fiber contained PA6 and PA66 provided by Ardlon® for metal replacement, particularly applied in automobile industries and motorbike industries. More applications related have also been adopted.


(Ardlon®) – RA/ RB is a super high strength and functional material to replace metal. The material is by pellet shape which can be applied for injection molding. The specialty of this polymer alloys can be described as under:

-High tensile strength and Super stiffness far more than other engineering plastics.
-Excellent performance and stability in moisture environment
-Excellent quality of surface appearance
-Outstanding chemicals resistance, low corrosion
-With mechanical strength to replace metals such as Aluminum and Zince, while reducing processing cost (30 ~ 60%) and low weight
-Low distortion under heat
-Easy for coloring
-Electrical and thermal insulation
-Save of afterwards processing works

Data Sheet
(Metal Replacements Nylon- Download.pdf)

Marketing and application of Ardlon® - RA/RB

(Ardlon®)–RA/RB are a kind of high performance engineering plastics. Due to its unique mechanical properties, it can be applied in various marketing demands as under:

Sports & Leisure applications:
(Ardlon®)–RA/RB owns superior strength and high stiffness, it can be applied in sport and leisure goods of functional parts as under:
Bicycle pedal, brake lever, fishing reel, binocular housing, marine fittings and etc.

Electronics and Home Appliances applications:
Due to the good electric insulation property and stable characteristic, (Ardlon®)– RA/RB is not influenced by environmental moisture. The applications include: housings and functional parts of electric switches, Aluminum alloy die casting parts of power tools, parts of fax modem and etc.

Automobiles marketing applications
(Ardlon®)–RA/RB owns superior stiffness and high tensile strength, it is able to replace automobile parts from Aluminum-Zinc alloys such as: functional parts of door lock, keys, steering column and etc.

Mechanical engineering marketing applications
(Ardlon®)–RA/RB owns excellent mechanical properties, it is able to replace different mechanical parts of Aluminum-Zinc alloys such as die casting objects of Gearbox housing, pneumatic compressor's fittings, motor housings and etc.

(Ardlon®)–RA/RB can also be applied to other fields according to different marketing demands. It shows as a functional material; while it helps to reduce production cost.
(Ardlon®)–RA/RB is a significant material when a highly efficient production target is wished to have.

Molding Guide

(Ardlon®)–RA/RB fits for injection molding process.

Injection molding temperature range can be set up between: 280 ~ 300 ℃. When there is different mold design such as, the longer flow runner distance, or when the injection piece has thinner wall, the suggested injection molding temperature is to be raised up to 310℃.

Injection Molding Machine

(Ardlon®)–RA/RB can be worked with the general type of injection molding machine by 3 stages screw design. The screw length is suggested to be 18D to 22D. Both screw and barrel are required to be bimetal material. Shot-off nozzle valve is suggested to use in order to prevent the melted material feedback during injection or pressure holding.

Nozzle is suggested to be open type nozzle. This type of nozzle has simple structure and durable feature. In case that the melted material is easy to spill out from nozzle, the needle valve nozzle is also recommended to apply.

Mold Temperature

When using Ardlon®–RA/RB, the mold temperature is suggested to be 80 -120 ℃. It is to be the best condition to keep 120 ℃. of Mold temperature when the higher strength, hardness and surface glossy are required. Mold temperature control device should be with good heating system and able to have precise temperature controlling. The formed injection piece is influenced by mold temperature and can be found its result in Crystallinity, shrinkage, internal stress and size precision.

Drying Temperature

When processing of Ardlon®–RA/RB, the water content should be controlled below 0.1%. The drying condition is 110 ~ 130 ℃ by 4 hours. When water content is over than this standard, it may influence product quality. When the drying temperature is higher than 140℃, the material begins to turn yellowish and the appearance is changed, too. The vacuum type Dehumidifier is suggested to use. While the general type of circulating air drying oven is not considered to use.

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Metal replacement Metal replacement
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