Since 2014, we are an ISO/TS 16949:2009 approved company.
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All Around Polymer Co., ltd. (AAP) manufactures and exports Nylon 6 & 66(Ardlon®) reinforced injection molding compounds as well as extrusion film application.

Owing to the Global Base of highly productive and competitive CPL( Caprolactam) nation, Taiwan, and of 25 years experience of Nylon compounding and supply, All Around Polymer however, endeavors today in the development and research of Nylon reinforced compounds......(read more..)

▌ Products Details and Data Sheet
▌Ardlon® PA6 and PA66 General Data Sheet

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▌Functional Materials and Developments
◎Metal Replacement Nylon
Grades: Ardlon® RAG10, RAG12 & RBG10, RBG12
Super strength and stiffness of high percentage glass fiber contained PA6 and PA66 provided by Ardlon® for metal replacement, particularly applied in automobile industries and motorbike industries. More applications....
◎Super Tough Nylon
Grades: Ardlon® ASZ4 & BSZ4
Polyamide 6 or 66 are also called PA6 or PA66. Their nature of high toughness and high mechanical strength as well as anti-friction or oil resistance are generally approved. Especially when under moisture, the hi-impact strength is extremely high. While, during dry condition and low temperature....
◎Anti-cold & Hi-impact Modifier
Grades: Ardlon® ENZ & ENP
Ardlon® ENZ & ENP are widely applied in Nylon or PP hi-impact and anti-cold modifying purpose. As a compounder who needs to do necessary modification in order to meet market demand of the required performance of material....
◎Heat Aging Resistance Nylon
Grades: Ardlon® AWG7
Polyamide 66 glass fiber filled Ardlon® AWG7 is a anti-heat aging and hydrolysis resistance material for injection molding. Due to the high performance of Stiffness, Strength and Toughness, especially it is not decomposed....
◎Hi-impact Surface Grade Nylon
Grades: Ardlon® BZG36
Polyamide 6 glass fiber and impact modified grade Ardlon® BZG36 is developed for the special purpose of application in automotive, motorbike or electro mechanical industries. Its high impact, high strength; especially....
◎Nano Grade Nylon
Grades: Ardlon® NE-8088I & NE-2740M5
AAP successfully developed injection molding as well as blow molding grade Nano Nylon Ardlon® NE-8088I & NE-2740M5, which act the very high efficiency....
(Transparent Nylon, Nylon Elastomer, Extrusion Nylon, Glass & Mineral filled Nylon)
AAP continually endeavors its research and development of new material related to Nylon compounds. Transparent nylon is applied in oil contained measurement tube, Nylon elastomer is to replace traditional applying of PU, moreover, we have high viscosity....